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Donate to a Small business due to Covid-19 tragedy

As The world has been hit by a dark cloud of Covid-19, businesses are struggling to generate revenues that can adequately contribute to the economy.

Zee the jeweller as a Jewellery entity, some few years back, we have implemented business opportunities for the unemployed people of South Africa, acting as their business incubator where we supply them with business skills, branding, jewellery stock and entreprenueral exposure.

These include over 100 young people from South Africa, as a result of Covid-19 Lockdown and economic recetion, all our SMMEs are having difficulties to making end points meet.

As a company that also develops entrepreneurship to fight against porvety and unemployment, we would like to get donations for our SMMES to can cover for their essentials while still fighting this tragedy of Coronavirus.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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