Introducing Pargo pick up point delivery method

How to receive parcels with Pargo...

Paul Mottillo– Shop and choose your preferred Pargo delivery method when checking out.
– Delivery will be done to your chosen pick-up point.
– You will receive an email and sms when your parcel arrives at the selected Pargo point.
– Customers collect their parcels as and when it suits them best.

Zee the Jeweller  offer with Pargo delivery option on the checkout page. Customers simply have to pick their preferred pickup point. Once the parcel is on its way, delivery notifications will be sent out via email and or sms

Does Pargo deliver on weekends?

Pargo understands that, online shoppers enjoy flexibility and convenience. Courier services in South Africa deliver during office hours. … Pargo understands your dilemma. A growing network of Pick-up Points ensures that you can pick up your parcel when it suits you, including weekends and evenings.

What is Pargo delivery?

Pargo is a logistics company that collects parcels from sellers and ships them to designated pickup points. These Pargo pickup points are located in well-known retail outlets throughout the country. Pargo charges an affordable flat fee for their service.

How do I track my Pargo parcel?

– Tracking Number. Find the waybill number on your parcel – this is your tracking number.
– Enter Tracking No. Use your tracking number in the panel at the top of this page.
– Location. Check where your parcel is right now.

What is Pargo pick up?

Pargo pickup points help you to take control of your day, by enabling you to combine the pick-up up of your parcel or online shopping with your daily errands. After all you only live once and time is precious.

What is Zee the jeweller cash on pick-up?

You can pay via Eft, Payfast on pick up. Zee the jeweller will update you once your parcel has arrived at pick up point.

You will need your ID and OTP number for the parcel. To get your OTP number, Zee the jeweller will send you an SMS once you have made an immediate Eft/ Pasyfast payment. It's simple paying cash on pick up.

Does Zee the jeweller deliver on weekends?

We are not open on Sundays or public holidays. We don’t charge for delivery if you choose to collect.

How much is Zee the jeweller delivery?

Pargo delivery is free of charge for Zee the jeweller clients. On other delivery methods other than Pargo, delivery is free for orders above R750. Orders under R750 are charged at a flat rate of R150 per delivery using other delivery methods such as Door to door. Traders and Hawkers: Delivery fees for bulk orders (+10kgs) are based on weight and dimensions of the delivery and is an additional charge over and above R150, and is payable by the trader/hawker.

Which Courier does Zee the jeweller use?

Pargo, Courier guy, Dawn wing and Courier IT 

How long does Zee the jeweller take to deliver?

Our courier company will deliver during office hours (8am–5pm; Monday to Friday), usually 1-5 working days from the day your order was placed and paid for. No deliveries will be made on weekends and public holidays.



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