Are you puzzled about which type of a ring you should choose?

By Albert Dlamini
Are you puzzled about which type of a ring you should choose? picture

Knowing which type of a ring you should opt for depends, on your inspiration, passion, culture, theme, taste, religion, purpose and budget just to mention a few.

Your inspiration can lead you into choosing certain types of ring designs. Let's say for instance, you love roses and you opt for a design of a ring with rose as a design or colour. Most people are buying rose gold rings simply because, of rose flowers as their inspiration. So when looking to buy a ring it's a recommendation to know what inspires you, choose something with a meaning.

Secondly, people buy because of passion and taste. Imagine you just browse on and fall in love with this beautiful ring design matching you've just seen whilst scrolling. The desire can lead you into choosing a ring added to cart simply because you love it! So, choose what you love and love what you choose.

Culture and religion. Some tribes use jewelry not just for adorment but, for cultural purposes. Indians can buy a certain ring design simply because, it represents their culture, religiously some religions can choose cross rings with religious purposes of Jesus Christ's crucification and the ring also helps with fighting evil spirits and sicknesses.

Many matrimonial ceremonies are planned using certain themes ranging from European theme, bolt & sleak, steam punk and art nauveu just to name a few. It is adviced that whenever you are getting married, choose wedding ring designs that goes with the theme.

Ask you self "Why", finding the purpose of the ring purchase can range from either buying because you need to use the ring for engagement or wedding. You will have to know the difference between the two, engagement is set as a proposal that leads to a yes or a no. When buying a proposal ring, you may opt for simple solitaire rings in either gold or silver. When getting a wedding ring, go for something more complex and or more advanced than a simple engagement ring as this is your matrimonial sign that represents a wife and a husband.

Money talks, in many cases I usually ask my prospects " what's your budget?". Knowing what you can afford also matters, if you are looking for something more compelling and classy, you may search more on high end ring collection. If you just need someone not too expensive and not too less, go for standard budget ring. For a lower budget, go for something that still has quality by not compromising on price. So go to and use shop by category and don't forget to use filters such as price filter. Price filter saves time as it allows you to filter from higher price to lower and versa versa to decide on which item to add to cart based on your affordability.

Hope all of the above will help you on making an informed decision when coming to choosing the type of a ring you need. However, there are more reasons other than those mentioned. You are more than welcome to mail me on [email protected] for any type of questions regarding your ring choice.

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