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Covid-19 this too shall come to pass...

Covid-19 this too shall come to pass... picture

One day, this shall be added on our historical timeline. A time whereby, South Africa is fighting against a virus that has no vaccine.

Countries failing to find cure, Africa as a continent and the world at large. We have already lost thousands and thousands of people due to Covid-19. Our businesses in a very serious tragedy, the economy badly affected and countries shutting down due to Covid-19 lockdown operations.

Scientists fighting with no success, nurses and doctors having sleepless nights at the hospitals, not to mention bottle stores prohibited from selling alcohol and people getting arrested and being charged with attempted murder simply, by walking on the streets during lockdown periods. This is the time where workers are without pay as companies shut down, businesses and tanants failing to pay their rentals, employees getting retrenched at work just because of this disaster. 

Coronavirus has become an invisible enemy, an enemy that can stop the world's economy in a very short period of time, an enemy that can kill a person with just simple flue like symptoms and scientists trying to tackle it with no success.

But there is a time coming, a time where nations will be in fear no more, we will go back to our streets as normal, greeting each other with shaking of hands just like before. We will rejoice and go back again in crowds just to watch that Pirates vs Chiefs soccer game at Soweto stadium, going back to our churches with no fear anymore. Soon, things will get back to normal as there is a team of great Scientists, who will find the vaccine.

Let's not loose hope, hope on our lives in general, our jobs will be retained back, our businesses and the economy will come back to life. Victory against this enemy will come, as Coronavirus of 2019 will be nothing but history. 


Compiled by Albert Dlamini


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