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R500 gift voucher!

R500 gift voucher! picture

Claim your R500 gift voucher!

Dear Consultant...

We appreciate your effort and have decided to give you a R500 gift voucher, for every R5000 sales turnover made.

The voucher can be redeemed towards any product we have on ZEE the jeweller's online store! Above All you will get 15 to 20% normal commissions on every voucher spent.

Working hard we can grow our economy, we can change our lives, we can eradicate porvety and create sustainable income for ourselves and beloved ones.

Simply make R5000 worth of sales on monthly basis and claim your free gift voucher. If you have sales worth R10 000 this mean you will get R500 X 2 gift vouchers, it doesn't matter how many R5000 sales made!

N.B: Unclaimed R500 vouchers will expire in a 7 days period of issue.


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