The process used to deliver items purchased online

By Albert Dlamini
The process used to deliver items purchased online picture

How will your online order reach to your doorstep.

Placing an order online can be worrying when you don't know if your parcel will reach you safely especially, when its your 1st time order.Worry no more as I am about to share some of the good and stress free ways regarding parcel delivery. 

After checking out and or having paid for your order online, request courier shipping waybill number, this is used to track the movement of the parcel from when it's despatched at the online store's warehouse to the courier's collection Depot. When asking for a waybill number, confirm with your merchant on the type of shipping used (i.e same day, overnight, economy). This will guide you on how many hours or days it will take for your parcel to reach it's destination.

You will also need to find out about the name of courier company expected to be used, know it's parcel tracking systems such as telephonic and or website tracking. Make sure you keep your courier shipping waybill number as this is very important in every correspondence with the shipping company.

Some of the courier companies will require your cellphone number and email address, so as to send delivery updates via SMS and email to you. When the parcel is in the hands of the courier partner don't contact the online store as the parcel has been out of their hands and the only people or company to be dealing with, is the courier!

You may also opt for your parcel to be insured in case if your parcel gets damaged, being involved in an accident, theft and highjacking. This will depend on the value of an item you need to cover.

Once the courier is at the delivery hub, it might not notify you hence your waybill tracking number is useful to track every movement of your parcel. When the parcel is still on its way to courier delivery hub it reads " in transit", when the parcel is at the hub it reads " delivery hub" and when the courier driver picks your parcel from the delivery hub the system reads "Out for delivery".

You may start getting delivery notifications via SMS or email, notifying you that your parcel is out for delivery. Be at your delivery address when your parcel is out for delivery as the driver may deliver at any given time on that current day from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Please, note that courier companies may not deliver during weekends, if this happens there might be some special arrangements made for you which come at an extra cost.

The courier driver may follow some contactless delivery methods according to Covid 19 safety precausions/ regulations, follow them when receiving your parcel. Instead of signing the parcel some couriers may send you an SMS to your phone or confirmation link to your email address, which you are required to click or reply on to confirm that you have received your parcel.

Email me on [email protected] if you need more information regarding online shopping and shipping for orders placed on Zee the jeweller's Android App, Website or via WhatsApp. 


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