To an aspiring jeweller

By Albert Dlamini

To an aspiring jeweller...

Jewelry is a career that is categorised as a very scare skills industry. When entering the jewellery space, it acquires one to adapt to its industry language, styles and techniques. 

You start everything from scratch with no basics from high school. Some people even have a sense of quitting as it can be very challenging to adapt at first attempt especially, at university level.

After some patience pay back time, one may realize that its not so hard to adapt, it only takes one to be patient. After some few months this is whereby people become adapted and realize their love for the industry. You become creative in your own way , and innovative without any limits, as long as you go by the industry required technical standards. 

It might be so exciting to work with precious metals such as silver & gold, as this is something rarely found and comes with a price, that is why its always advisable to get good marks from the high school, so as to not worry about financial difficulties as you will get bursaries from mines & ETQA's in favour of the industry. 

You will get exposed to events such as jewelry expos and competition awards ceremonies. Meeting with industry experts at these events can be very motivating as you can see how the future transpires to others who started the same way as you. It can also be very tough to manufacture & meet deadlines, not to mention starting a project from scratch after your first attempt. The moment the piece is done, polished and placed on the display for evaluation, this is a greatest feeling! As you cannot believe your eyes on what your hands could do. 

Competition in industry is the first priority, to determine how good you really are by going head to heaad with other fellow industry colleagues then, comes the start of it all "graduations" Graduatings might make you feel as if you have done with the industry however, this is only the beginning as you will now be required to start doing internships at industry accredited companies. This is done mostly while gaining experience from the masters & industry gurus. After this programme , one may be absorbed by the company that they did their internship at or become hired by other companies. 

Most of the companies will require a Goldsmith certificate after undergoing a trade test however, one may also study further by enrolling for a B-tech degree which has many opportunities of making a graduate of getting opportunities to become a technical trainer or a jewelry designer. You may also be interested into becoming a freelance jewellery designer after completing your tertiary studies. 

One of the paths for university graduates is to undergo through business development organizations such as incubators. Incubators offer with industry experience and access to real business exposure eg

Rardless of which option to opt for bottom line is to be successful.

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